Lodging at Melissa Wasi

The Sacred Valley is a region in the Andean Highlands of Peru and is located along the Urubamba River, which the local Quechua people call β€œthe lover of the Milky Way Galaxy.” Located an hour from Cuzco, it is home to some of the most majestic and magical pre-Incan archeological sites and energetically powerful Apus (mountains) in all of Peru.

Our retreat will take place at Melissa Wasi, a highly-rated guest ranch a 15-minute walk from the town of Pisac. All of our work will take place on the property with Guillaume and Miriam or in ceremonial spaces throughout the Sacred Valley. There are three different types of lodging available, two of which are available as single or double occupancy. All rooms have attached bathrooms, and include breakfast and lunch or dinner every day (depending on ceremony schedule). For more information, click here. Deposit of 50% to secure your spot is non-refundable.

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Twin Rooms are available as double-occupancy only. Each room is part of its own bungalow, which includes an attached bathroom. The cost for each room is $1850 for the retreat. There is also one single-occupancy room with attached bath in the main house which costs $1975 for the retreat.

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On the property, there is one smaller bungalow, which has a kitchen, loft bedroom space and attached bathroom, and is located behind the main house. The cost for single occupancy of the small bungalow is $2350, and the cost for a double occupancy is $2050 per person for the retreat.

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At the back of the property, there are two large bungalows, which have full kitchens, attached bathrooms and much larger living spaces below. The cost for a single occupancy of a large bungalow is $2450, and the cost for double occupancy is $2095 for the retreat. These bungalows are ideal for couples.