Peru Shamanic Journey, May 2019

Peru Shamanic Journey, May 2019

In the five years that I’ve been doing shamanic (and all types of) healing work, the clarity and deep clearing that I experienced on this trip were among most profound I’ve experienced to date. The space facilitated by Jane and Guillaume, and the Plant Medicines, allowed for very tightly held beliefs, patterns, and structures to be unearthed during the trip - ones that I didn’t fully know were there and that I hadn’t allowed myself to see until taking the time for myself and investing in myself in this way. Even one week after the trip, I am still very much in a healing and integration process, uncovering even deeper truths that the medicine of this trip helped to show me. Jane and Guillaume work beautifully together and are incredible at holding the space for your own healing to occur. Their knowledge of the medicine, and more importantly, their relatability, make you feel very comfortable, and in a space free from judgment, comparison, or hierarchy. I felt very at ease knowing that I didn’t have to be the healer or the expert that week, and that I could just be me, free from labels or expectations. Coming away from the experience, I feel I have a deeper understanding of who I am, and also, 13 new friends and soul connections with whom we shared profound transformation. This is a trip that I believe everyone needs to grant themselves the opportunity to take in their lifetime - the sooner, the better.
— Sarah Petruno

My experience with sacred medicines and living in the heart of the mountains was a miracle. I started to reconnect with my higher self and my guardians. I started to remember where I come from and how beloved, blessed and protected I am…

I was very happy with the way that Jane and Guillaume planned each day of the journey... walking in the process of each medicine was very clear and different for me, and now I realize that my transformation-- how they all work together to lead me to my true path that I need to walk in. 

After all, I remembered the forgotten truth inside me was the heart I had kept closed my whole life. Now I am open to everything and I welcome all the things that God brings in my path.

- Anita, December 2017

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There are not words that can adequately describe how healing and transformative my journey in Peru with Guillaume and Miriam has been for my heart, mind, body, and spirit... ! How do you write about a heart that you didn’t even know was guarded being blown open wide and flooding with love? How do you write about how a body wounded with cancer, chemo, and radiation fills with water, then cleanses all the illness and toxins out, leaving it clean? How do you write about how it feels to have music move in you again and call you to sing and dance as though you’d just been born into the world? How do you write about trauma being released from your cells
in an intimate, powerful, life-changing healing process,
completing old histories and releasing them back to the ether? How do you write about shamans and medicine women who’s service calls you to incredible reverence and deep awe? How do you write about the connection and love in a group that feels so safe, so strong, that your only option is to open up and heal? How do you write about purpose being illuminated, service being defined, and my own medicine/my own offering waking
up in me? My gratitude is boundless. My heart is forever changed, opened, healed, and transformed. My teachers, Guillaume and Miriam, hold such beautiful space, creating a container for healing that is so transformative and so powerful. Their grasp and understandings of how to heal are deep and ancient, based on the truth of the human experience, grounded in body and soul, and anchored in spirit. Within our human design, there is our capacity to heal, and once this capacity is awakened, anything is possible. And now, we all embrace our next steps forward, with our hearts and minds so open to this incredibly beautiful“ ceremony of life”. !Aho!
— Colleen Karuna Kali (May 2019)
Everything about my time was Magical. The curation was flawless, from the meticulous, profound ceremonies to the way we were cared for. My experience as a witness to the healing all those around me was not only inspiring but a big part of my own heart opening.
— Anthony N.
There are many reasons to attend the Peru Shamanic Journey retreat that Guillaume hosts in Peru.

I will speak to my personal reasons. One is that I love adventure and learning about other cultures and am trying to say yes to opportunities presented by the universe. I wish to realize our connection with nature and to express that connection through my art and life.

Also, importantly, I wanted to get off some meds that I had been depending on - which I am sure many can identify with in this upside-down society - for anxiety and for sleep. The pre-retreat diet to prepare for the retreat helped eliminate those ‘supplements’ from my routine which was a real benefit of the trip.

Over the course of the journey, there were intense and beautiful experiences. One day was especially challenging when combining the altitude with strenuous hiking but I put one foot in front of the other. I realized that there is no destination, only the present experience.

The shaman guides who led the ceremonies during were just amazing and the participants, from diverse backgrounds, developed wonderful bonds. The landscape was sacred and awe-inspiring; the retreat was truly a gift for the body and the spirit.
— Marriott S.
The retreat was really well organized. We just had to show up and do the medicine work. It was great to not have to worry about lodging, commuting, etc. Also, Guillaume and Jane did a fantastic job at holding space for us, guiding and supporting us through our individual journeys. Now let’s talk about the spiritual side... I’m speechless!! What I’m feeling and thinking after the retreat is something so magical that is difficult to put into words. Perhaps is a combination of peacefulness and understanding that has me focused and present a lot more than I was before. I have a sense of self-love and surrendering to what is that I had not experience in a long time or ever. I’m deeply thankful for this retreat and the connection that has created for us with ourselves, others, our planet and our ancestors. The journey continues. This is the beginning of openness and miracles. I can see myself doing this retreat again, no doubt. Thank you so much!
— Maria Luisa
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My shamanic medicine journey to Peru was an experience that I will always hold dear to my heart.I felt safe, nurtured, connected, inspired, and held during a time of deep transformation and healing. The facilitators did an excellent job curating the whole experience, but also gave us the space to do our inner work.

The locations in which we stayed and held ceremony were beyond my expectations. The sacred valley is one of the most beautiful and high vibrational places I've visited in the world.

I have done medicine work for the past decade (though I have never done Huachuma prior to this retreat). I was deeply humbled by the way the teachers/shaman's led ceremony (it was so beautiful it brought me to tears several times). Many of the people in my group had never done medicine work before, and they felt safe and cared for throughout the entire week-all of us did.

I am feeling more connected to myself, Great Spirit, PachaMama, my ancestors and other beings than I ever have. The medicine is still running through my heart and veins, and I am still doing transformational work upon my integration back home.

I feel like I am fully back on my spiritual path, and am able to show up in this world in a way that I haven't before.

I will be going back to do ceremony in Pisac as soon as possible to continue my sacred work. Let yourself be guided by your call to the medicine. Your heart will thank you <3

I have to say, Peru was undeniably thee most life changing experience I have ever had. I traveled alone, to an unknown part of the world, with an open heart and an open mind. I was immediately welcomed by the warmest souls on the planet. 

My journey was just that, my journey! Although I was in a group of 12 other people, I was able to maintain focus on my own personal journey. I felt safe, was given space, completely supported, and was able to heal. Guillaume and Jane were a dynamic duo, both intuitively present when needed. They opened their hearts and cared for us like a family. Each day of the week had it's own complexity of healing, so I am grateful that they held space for me along with the plant medicines. Words cannot describe the path that I was so blessed and honored to be a part of in Peru, so I highly suggest you join The Sanctuary ( on their next excursion and discover all the healing for yourself. 

Thank you for all your time and meticulous planning! I would do it again and again with you...