Angell Deer (Guillaume G.),  The Sanctuary

Angell Deer (Guillaume G.), The Sanctuary

Angell has been working with plant medicines and shamanic teachers for over 12 years. He has a deep practice in meditation (certified instructor). He is also certified in Reiki (Reiki Master, Medical Reiki Master & Shamanic Reiki), Sound Healing, and Shamanic Rune work.

He is founder and owner of The Sanctuary (, a healing center and practice in NYC and Callicoon, NY, where he does in depth work with individuals, groups and corporations.

He also grows medicinal plants and prepares medicinal plant tinctures that he uses with his clients. He studied in depth Advaita Vedanta with one of the US’ oldest teachers on that path, and travels extensively in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Peru to deepen his practice and knowledge.

Miriam Eisenberger

Miriam Eisenberger

Miriam is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, mindfulness and somatic-based therapist, reiki master, sacred song and Jewish ritual facilitator, meditation instructor, and founder of Mindful Element (

Miriam centers on creating and supporting the space for each individual to discover ways to utilize their innate untapped wisdom as an ally in their healing. She facilitates an experiential, relational, somatic, and person-centered experience for those she works with, integrating Somatic Experiencing® techniques, mindfulness-based psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, reiki, and meditation.

She has practiced meditation techniques from Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, and mindfulness traditions for over 15 years and integrates these varying ancient wisdom teachings into her offerings. She is a certified Mindfulness Teacher and teaches to individuals, groups, and organizations around NYC. 

She has been working with plant medicines for the past 3 years, supporting ceremonies through sacred song and prayer, and is passionate about the integration and the therapeutic use of these medicines to enhance one’s life.

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A 5th generation member of a shamanic tradition from Chachapoyas, Leticia has studied, trained and practiced with various indigenous tribes in Venezuela, Columbia and Peru for close to a decade. She now holds medicine as well as sweat lodge ceremonies for the Sacred Valley Tribe, with strong, motherly energy, a blooming feminine wisdom and exquisite music.

Leticia is a Moon Dancer and pipe carrier in the Mexican tradition of Teotiuacan. She holds Women’s Circles around the pipe arising the prayers for sisterhood, care and love for Mother Earth and all sentient beings.

Leticia also assists people individually, helping them to integrate the plant medicine ceremony experience, (using shadow work and the reprograming of old patterns) with presence, integrity and a loving heart.

Miguel Antonino Mendiburu Saavedra

Miguel Antonino Mendiburu Saavedra

Miguel Antonino Mendiburu Saavedra was born in Lima in the year of 1980. He was always very connected to nature. His first experience with the medicine was at the age of 16. At the age of 23 he started his training for serving medicine and hold space for ceremonies, this teachings happened in Ecuador, when he clearly received the message that he must serve the medicine in the future to come. From that moment the medicine has been guiding him for more than 20 years. Since then Miguel serves the medicine in gratitude in trust with humbleness and respect.