November 16th to November 26th 2019

A deep dive into your healing with the support of Sacred Plant Medicine Teachers, Shamans, Trauma therapists, Sound Healer, and Shamanic Practitioners

10 days
9 nights
6 teachers (shamans, ceremonialists, trauma therapist, etc)
2 Grandmother ceremonies (Ayahuasca)
2 Grandfather ceremonies (San Pedro, Huachuma)
2 Shamanic Breathwork ceremonies
2 Sananga Ceremonies
2 Shamanic Journeys Ceremonies
2 Kambos ceremonies
1 Cacao ceremony
1 Fire ceremony
1 Rapeh ceremony

1 Plant Walk (Learning to make your own shamanic clearing essence)


DAY 1 - November 16th

Please plan to arrive in Cuzco, Peru, by mid-afternoon on Saturday, November 16th. (For those arriving earlier, we can make recommendations for hotels, shops and superb restaurants in the area). Mid-afternoon, we will travel by van as a group to Pisac, 45 minutes away, where we will arrive at our lodge, Melissa Wasi, unpack and gather for dinner and an evening circle and opening ceremony. We will connect to one another, enjoy a meal, and review the schedule for the week. We will also create an Sacred Altar together and gather our intentions and prayers.


DAY 2 - November 17th

On the morning Day 2, we will gather in the morning for a Morning Meditation and breathwork followed by breakfast, and will have an introduction meeting on Grandmother Medicine (Ayahuasca). You will then meet our Shaman (Medicine Women) who will lead the ceremony that evening.

We will then set a schedule for individual intention setting and subsequent integration sessions with Guillaume & Miriam. A light lunch will be served at the lodge and the rest of the day will be spent in preparation for ceremony with Grandmother medicine at 6pm (all night ceremony)

This medicine will open our deep dive into remembering the call for our own healing and our lives in the world.



On Day 3, we will enjoy a breakfast at Melissa Wasi, and gather for an integration circle to share our experiences with the evening's ceremony. We will support you in your integration. After a light lunch and time on our own to explore day, we will gather for a Sananga Ceremony to integrate, cleanse and ground from the evening before.

We will then rest and prepare ourself for our second Grandmother medicine at 6pm (all night ceremony)



On Day 4, we will gather for breakfast and then meet all together for a 2-hours integration circle with our medicine people to discuss your ceremony, healing, and help you integrate your experience.

We will then have lunch during which we will meet our Huachumero (Medicine Man serving us the Grandfather San Pedro Medicine).

In the afternoon we will meet for a workshop on the Drama Triangle and work on Projections and Transference. Those will be essential tools for your medicine work and for your healing.

We will then have a Rapeh Healing Ceremony (2 hours ceremony) in which you will able to access deeper layers of your healing. We will support you in this work with music, drumming and chanting, and energy clearing.



On Day 5, we will meet for early meditation (body centered), to help you deeper connect with your body sensations and help you learn how to read the map of your inner emotions and guide.

We will then have breakfast and gather for our Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony. During this 2 hours ceremony we will use the Breath (through a technic called “Conscious Connected Breath”) to access the archive / memories of your body. This practice allow deep healing and is a great support for emotional and physical healing.

We will then have lunch and you will have a free afternoon to rest, prepare your Huachuma (San Pedro) ceremony, and to explore the local town of Pisac.


On Day 6, we will wake up very early (fasting) in the morning and travel by van to meet our local Huachumero in the neighboring mountain village of Taray. This entire day will be spent in ceremony with Grandfather medicine, the master plant cactus of the Andean Mountains, trekking through the mountain above Pisac at Kinsa Cocha, a local sacred lake. We will return to the lodge in the evening, where dinner will be waiting for us. We will have meditation gathering and some shamanic healing support for those who want to continue the medicine work open during the day.



On Day 5, Guillaume & Miriam will lead a Meditation and Integration Circle after breakfast, and continue doing individual integration work in the morning. We will also offer you Sananga Medicine to continue clearing your body, mind and Spirit.

After lunch we will have a workshop on Eye Gazing & Dyad work. Those tools will allow you to continue deepening your healing work but also offer valuable tool for integration post medicine work and post retreat.

We will then gather for our second Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony. During this 2 hours ceremony we will use the Breath (through a technic called “Conscious Connected Breath”) to access the archive / memories of your body. This practice allow deep healing and is a great support for emotional and physical healing.

We will then have dinner all together



On Day 8, we will again wake very early (fasting) to travel to a sacred cave above Ollantaytambo for a second ceremony with Grandfather.

This day will provide us ample time to reflect upon the ways in which we are beginning to see remember the call for our own healing and for our world in the world. After the ceremony ends at sundown, we will head back to the lodge, where dinner will be waiting for us. Fire and song circles may continue late into the evening.


On Day 9, we will have an early breakfast and then depart Melissa Wasi for a 4 hours Wild Medicinal Plant exploration on a Sacred Site with a local Quechuan Shaman. We will learn to gather medicinal plants, collect them, and create a sacred circle and learn how to make our own healing plant medicine perfume.

This experience will give you better knowledge of the local medicinal plants and support your healing during the retreat and when back home.

We will be back around 2PM for a late lunch all together.

We will then have an Integration Circle for our Huachuma (San Pedro) ceremony.


DAY 10 - NOVEMBER 25th

On Day 7, we will have a day of integration, rest and shopping. After breakfast at the lodge, we will gather together in a Post Retreat Integration Circle, where we will share the experiences and insights that the sacred plant medicines have been bringing to us and discuss how to best return home after those very deep experiences.

After that, you will be free to head back into the town of Pisac to do more shopping, rest on the property, meet for private individual integration work with Guillaume & Miriam.

We will then gather in the afternoon for a Sacred Cacao Ceremony with a Cacao Shaman Medicine Women. This ceremony will help you nurture your body, integrate your healing work and prepare your better for your return at home.

In the evening we will have our closing Ceremony, a Fire Ceremony, where we release all of our old ways of being into the sacred fire, and join in song to honor the calling to heal.

We will then gather for our closing dinner all together and follow this by sacred songs sharings.


Day 11 - NOVEMBER 26th (and day 1 of OPTIONAL EXTENSION)

On the morning of Day 11, we will enjoy a final breakfast together at Melissa Wasi. For those traveling back to Cuzco, a van will come and collect you mid-morning to take you back to the center of town, where you are welcome to stay a few days, enjoy the San Pedro Market, or head straight to the airport.

For those of you continuing on to the Machu Picchu extension, our local guide Valerio will come and get us mid-morning and drive us to Ollantaytambo, a couple of hours away, where we will enjoy lunch in this quaint, ancient Incan city. Afterwards, we will board the train to Aguas Calientes, the town at the base of Machu Picchu, where we will spend the night. You will be free to enjoy dinner and shopping on your own that evening.


Very early on the morning of Day 12, we will arise and take the bus up to the top of Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan citadel, and one of the 7 Wonders of the World. We plan to arrive there for the sunrise, one of the most magical time of the day to discover this site. Here, the mystical, spiritual energy of Peru is at an all-time high. We will spend several hours in the city with our local guide learning about the majesty and magic of these ruins, doing shamanic practices and ancient prayers, before we head back down to Aguas Calientes to catch a train back to Cuzco. We will arrive in Cuzco late-afternoon, and you will be free to catch an evening plane or check into your own hotel for the evening before a flight out the next morning.